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Intermediate adhesive vinyl - 720 dpi, 5 year
polymeric, clear permanent acrylic adhesive, calendared,
matte finish, for flat sufaces, up to 60" wide
          $2.00 ft²         
       Very Fine
    Text Resolution
         $3.00 ft²
    Gloss or Matte   
      add $1.00 ft²
Avery MPI1005EZ Vinyl - 54", 1200 dpi, 2 mil gloss
cast, high performance, Air release wrapping vinyl
        with 1.3 mil
   DOL1030 laminate
          $4.00 ft²
      with 2.1 mil
 DOL laminate Gloss 
   or matte $4.50 ft²
60" wide with 2.1 mil
        $5.00 ft²
3M IJ180CV3 - 54" 1200 dpi, 2 Mil Cast Semi-Gloss
Controltac™ Plus Graphic Film with Removable
Adhesive and Comply™, includes 8518 gloss laminate
   Less than 500 ft²
          $4.75 ft²
  with 8518 laminate
    500 ft² or more
         $3.00 ft² 
3M IJ40C-20R - 54" 1200 dpi, 3 Mil matte calendared
Scotchcal™  Graphic Film with Comply™ Removable
          $3.00 ft²
 with 3 mil UL listed
 gloss Floor laminate
          $5.00 ft²
   Gloss or Matte
    add $1.00 ft²
IJ35C-10 - 54" 3.2 Mil Calendered Gloss White
Scotchcal™ Graphic Film, 5 year
outdoor durability
Grey permanent Comply™ adhesive
         $2.25 ft²     Gloss or Matte   
      add $1.00 ft²
Removable Vinyl - 54", 720 dpi 3.4 Mil
Calendared Matte or Gloss White Inkjet Vinyl with grey
or clear removable Adhesive, Up to 2 year outdoor
durability, clean removability for 1 year
         $2.00 ft²     Gloss or Matte
     add $1.00 ft²
Clear adhesive vinyl - 720 dpi, 5 year
polymeric, clear permanent acrylic adhesive, calendared,
--For use with translucent white acrylic, or when applied to
white surfaces--  Specify use when ordering
        $3.00 ft²    Gloss or Matte
     add $1.00 ft²
Translucent white adhesive vinyl - 720 dpi,
5 year polymeric, permanent acrylic adhesive, calendared,
--For use with clear acrylic--
        $3.50 ft²    Gloss or Matte
     add $1.00 ft²
Wall Vinyl - 54", 1200 dpi, 6 Mil Lustre finish
Inkjet Vinyl with clear removable Adhesive, Up to 7 year
indoor durability, --Used for wall murals--
        $2.50 ft²    
MotoWrap Vinyl - 30", 720 dpi, 4 mil conformable
vinyl with extra thick 8 mil Convex laminate, for helmets
and low energy plastics found on ATVs, motocross bikes,
snowmobiles and most powersport vehicles.
   w/Convex 8mil
3M IJ5100R Reflective Vinyl - 48", 720 dpi, 6 Mil
retro-reflective vinyl, up to 7 year outdoor durability, laminated
with 3M 8518 cast laminate.
     w/ 3M 8518
   Cast laminate
Perforated window Vinyl - 54", 720 dpi, 6 Mil
polymeric vinyl, with 50/50 perforation pattern. 70/30 pattern
available on request ( 70/30 not for vehicles )
        $5.00 ft²
  with optically clear

Adhesive Vinyl 

60" HP L25500 Latex Printers 74" Roland XJ-740 Pro III Printer 54" Roland XC-540 Pro III Printers


Gloss or Matte intermediate Laminate - Used for
lamination of intermediate calendared vinyl prints, UV inhibitor
in the laminate can add 1-2 years  of extra outdoor life to the
prints, also protects prints from scratches.
         $1.00 ft²                                                                       
Gloss or Matte Cast Laminate - Available in 1.3 mil
or 2.1 mil gloss or matte finishes 
          60" wide
Optically Clear Laminate - used on perforated vinyl
or when complete transparency of the laminate is required.
This is a 2.1 mil cast film.
Polycarbonate Laminate - 3 mil luster embossed
polycarbonate. Adds UV protection and rigidity. The best for
added scuff resistance.
Dry Erase Laminate - 2 mil gloss laminate turns any
print into a dry erase sign.
Translucent White Laminate - 3.4 mil matte laminate
used as a translucent white backer for sub-surface clear prints
Floor Graphics Laminate - 3 mil gloss laminate provides
a slip resistant surface. 2 year durability, indoor use only.
White Intermediate Backer - 3.4 mil matte laminate
used as a white backer for sub-surface clear adhesive vinyl
or static cling prints
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